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Maineflashes Maximillian (Retired)


CFA Champion


TICA Award of Excellence


2002 South Central Region


Best White Maine Coon Cat


Max was born June 18, 2001.  He was the first Maine Coon boy in our cattery.  He is the proud daddy of three litters and has produced 13 beautiful kittens.  Max is a genuine love bug and chirps and coos when he sees us. 

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Ranchcats Big Tex of Cowtown Cats (Retired)

TICA Grand Champion, Regional Winner

2nd Best Maine Coon Kitten, 18th Best Kitten during the TICA South Central Region 2002-2003 Show Season

Tex was born January 18, 2002.  He is a big boy, weighing 20 lbs. He has sired several wonderful litters for us. 

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Some folks warned us against keeping two whole males together but, as you can see, they got along then and now very well.  Both Max and Tex have great attitudes and personalities, and are very affectionate.



Chrijo Card Shark of Furry Acres

Shark was born May 20, 2003.  He weighs 18 lbs.  He is extremely affectionate, and loves to be vacuumed with the shop vac ~ sure makes keeping him groomed easy!

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