It's been a tough year for us.  Over the past year, Misty, Coco and Gizmo have all gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  We miss them all very much.

Misty was our 90 lb. Rottenweiler (yes, I know it's supposed to be Rottweiler, but if you knew her, you would definitely agree).  We adopted her when she was five weeks old and had the pleasure of her wonderful love and companionship for twelve years. 

She was a great dog, but a little intimidated by the new kittens.  You would think that after surviving the five older cats, she wouldn't have had problem.


Coco was born November 1, 1995, and we adopted him when he was about two years old.  He was a pure bred poodle and loved to play fetch!


Gizmo was Coco's little son.  His mom is a full bred Lhaso Apso, so I guess Gizzy was either a Lhasaoodle, or a Lhasapoo.  Actually, he didn't care what you called him, as long as you called him.


Here's his mom, Gabby



Meet our grandpuppy Bella.  Bella was born May 22, 2001 and is a little over a year in these photos.  She is beautiful, but


sometimes she's a little goofy!

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